Thinking About a CNA Job? Good Idea!

Being a Certified Nursing Assistance can be both challenging and rewarding for the luck individual who accepts such a position after 6-12 weeks of training for certification. With daily assignments to complete on a per-patient basis, everything from bathing to distributing meds and meals among other duty are the rewards that this position mostly boasts of: helping people in time of illness or recovery.

Patients who are recovering from surgery are the first kind that a CNA will work with. Everything from rotating a patient in his or her bed in order to prevent bed sores, to dispensing medicine on time as well as meals, to even bathing and preparing the patient for another day toward total recovery are not only what makes this job very rewarding, but one can make such lovely acquaintances with the patients that he or she work with, building life-long friendships many times. The people who typically recover from illness range from the very small to the age advanced.

Children especially respond well to a CNA, because generally speaking, these are very friendly, outgoing people who really want to help others. Helping children can not only be fun part of the job, but can also be one of the most rewarding things too, all told, that a person who is in this job position to discover. Kids make you feel like a kid again, typically.

By contrast, the elderly are also quite fun to help out, many times. Sometimes, it ins't unusual for one to encounter a growling bear sort of personality, but this is only because the patient is in a considerable amount of pain. To ease the pain for such a person can bring many wonderful accolades as well. Some CNA even make it a daily challenge to win over the patients who tend to be more on the bitter side of recovery.

The patients who are ill, even terminally so, can be both the most challenging and the most rewarding, at the same time. Such individuals might already have been close to death, and in many cases are quite close, due to his or her condition. They require really special care and consideration, and often the immediate family will be around them, especially of a doctor has indicated that the patient will potentially expire soon; that death is nearby. Helping both the patients and their families, in this regard, can be very emotionally rewarding as it is trying, since the passing of a loved one is never a comfort to anyone.

But no matter what type of patient you will help out as a CNA, chances are you will enjoy your job, no matter what. The days go by quickly, there is opportunity for more shift work, and this job can be a precursor to becoming a Registered Nurse, too, should one seek the pathway to it, which can in turn lead to a specialist nursing job, say working with geriatric patients as a Gerontological Practitioner. Anyway you look at it, having a CNA job can be a very good thing, especially for people who enjoy helping others.